Words Count

The noon of the literate world has passed and the shadows are lengthening rapidly. After Google finishes capturing, cataloging, and storing an image of every detail of the known universe we will confidently step into the postverbal civilization. Of course, the signs have been all over the place for some time: the proliferating emblems and emoticons, the ubiquity of acronyms, the use of fewer and fewer words with more and more meanings, until there will be only one word left, which will mean everything.

Until then, in the little time left, at Sycorax Books words still count.

Our current titles include:

Uscolia (Land of native fluency and learning without teaching)

The Judgment of Paris (Children’s book in the Miranda Series)

Paris and Helen (Children’s book in the Miranda Series)

Hot Summer in the Plain of Shinar (Children’s book in the Miranda Series)

Prospero’s Potent Art (Children’s book in the Miranda Series)

Nobel Peace Prize (Fiction)

Future titles include:

How to Choose a Piano Teacher (a practical guide)

Xmas in eXile (Children’s book in the Miranda Series)